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Ethical and social ethical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical and hearty respectable - Essay Exampleeligious understanding of social seriousice as a current moral fall out considers issues are dealing with kind life that is very vital in equality, fairness and responsibility of all human beings (Mizrahi & Larry, P 44). For instance, the Catholic Church regards social justice with respect to human life through the maintenance of dignity and respect. In contrast, Hinduism considers social justice in equality terms to all human beings.The fundament concepts or issues social justice and ethical motive has continuously developed as a result of the change in the human development and engineering revolution affects the nature of human interaction with his environment. For instance, rapid technology advancement in genetics, communication and the nature of wars, climatic changes, and other issues has diversely changed the social design and responsibilities. The family as well as the individual in social and moral manner is expected to cond uct itself in a manner that fit the ethical principles (Mizrahi & Larry, P 43). The autonomy respect would require people to live and act in their freedom that benefit others and act in a way that is just and faithful.Conversely, religious and social ethic as an emerging issue will shape the society behavior in which human issues are solved or dealt with in acceptable and ethical manner. For example, in an ethical objectivism approach, the society or individuals would be forced to believe the outside existence of social and religious ethics that requires people to practice goodness, righteousness and with justice. From a different perspective, religious and social subjectivist would expect all human beings to exercise standards within the inner reality of thoughts and judgment that is distributive or correctively expresses equality, justice and in a transformed judgment (Mizrahi & Larry, P

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Home depot Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Home depot - Essay ExampleThis is the reason for the creation of so often competition between both(prenominal) these stores, since both of them are finding the best ways to improve the service to the customers, which would play a very crucial role, in increasing the customer satisfaction, which would improve their personal credit line during such tough times. ( In the consumers mind there exist different types of gradation, for both Lowes and Home Depot. In the case of the Lowes stores consumers truly believe that, there is a very good scope for the selection of the best products. They also feel that when compared to the Home Depot store, the Lowes store renders much better customer service. Most of the men and contractors get their needs satisfied through the Home Depot store that has resulted in the inflow of customers, mainly from these deuce sectors. In the case of Lowes, it has got the women as its main customers. Thus it is the differentiation of both these stores in the mind of the two genders, which has created the respective customer base. ( Though there is a huge inflow of customers into the Home Depot store, still there doesnt exist any kind of consumer loyalty for both the stores.

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Addressing Libya's Past Injustices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Addressing Libyas Past Injustices - Essay ExampleAs present by Kyriakakis (2009, p. 333), the provisions of the ICC laws include prosecution of persons who have committed crimes against humanity. Furthermore, according to article 5 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (1998), the transnational tribunal has jurisdiction to crimes of genocide, aggression and war crimes. BBC News Africa (2011) inform the capture of Gaddafis son Saif al-Islam with the new prime minister of Libya saying that Saif will get a comme il faut trial in Libya. Because Saif is accused of ordering killings during the governance of his slain father Muammar Gaddafi, it is therefore appropriate that the Libyan authorities hand him to the ICC for trial. Additionally the BBC News Africa, (2011) shows that the chief prosecutor of the International criminal court, Luis Moreno Ocampo promises a fair trial for Saif if he is submitted to the international tribunal. Moreover, Article 7 of the Rome St atute of the International Criminal Court (1998) translates jurisdiction of the court to the crimes of murder and torture which ar parallel to the allegations against Saif al-Islam. According to Kyriakakis (2009, p. 336), the universality principle of the International Criminal Court as provided by the international law gives the ICC criminal jurisdiction regardless of land or nationality. Therefore despite the fact that Libya was opposed to the Rome treaty, the allegation that the ICC cannot claim jurisdiction of crimes committed outside the boundaries of the Rome treaty cannot prevent it from prosecuting throng who commit crimes against humanity. However, the assertion of the new prime minister of Libya that Saif will be tried locally is not based on ICC jurisdiction. As a result, the ICC should provide the court trial for the Libyan leader. The ICC upholds human rights through its laws and its role is to protect the dignity of people through prosecution and punishment of indi viduals who commit dehumanizing crimes. The ICC claims that Saif Gaddafi who was presumed to be the surrogate of his father played a leading role in organizing the killing of Libyan civilians as explained by the Asian News Monitor (2011). This amounts to genocide, which according to the laws of the ICC gives the international tribunal a mandate to prosecute Saif Gaddafi. Moreover, there could be political influence in local hearings of the Saif case, which could compromise the achievement of a fair trial. It should be noted that the ICC must have evidence to support its accusations against the Libyan leader before he is convicted of the alleged crimes. The arrest of Saif al-Islam by the militia force which is assort to NTC should therefore present the leader to the ICC to warrant the beginning of investigation by the international tribunal. This is because the ICC is described by the BBC News Africa (2011) as having reasons to belief that Saif al-Islam was involved in the alleged crimes through evidence material. Further investigation by the court will back the current evidence of the crimes committed by the leader. Moreover, the trial at ICC is more likely to be unbiased and objective as compared to a local tribunal in Libya. Further support for the ICC hearing of the Saif case is demonstrated by the fact that the laws of the ICC provide for confirmation hearings before the actual court cases are heard. This means that if the arrested leader is submitted to the ICC, the international tribunal will thoroughly approximate the prosecutors evidence to pave way for a fair trial. Trial will only occur if the evidence against the Libyan arrested leader meets the tokenish threshold of crime beyond which ICC jurisdiction is justified. The need for an ICC trial for Saif al-Islam is

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Talk about my Interest in Computer Science Personal Statement

Talk about my Interest in Computer Science - Personal Statement ExampleMy butt is to become a member of the team who designs, valuable, useful and efficient software for the customers. The world of computing devices started fascinating me when I decided to work as a salesman in a computer chime in at Taiwan in the summer break of 2010.Apart from a reasonable salary, the store offered me a deep insight in the software programming that do up my mind of what I wanted to be in life. As I am a keen and an importunate player of different computer games I was enthralled to overhear how the programming of different games was written. I began to develop a high understanding of software and computer hardware of a computer as my work involved assisting the experts with writing different software, repairing and assembling different models and versions of this remarkable technology. My working experience at this store made me reliable and consistent as I had to be very punctual with timings and has taught me to work as a team on a certain project. I believe I can utilize these skills learned from my work experience in my education as well so as to make sure that I avail most of the opportunities available. This new curiosity of learning more(prenominal) never left me but in fact grew more intensely as time passed by. I came to learn and use a few software programs manage SoftimageXSI ESP 3.0, Microsoft Visual Basic and Maya Personal Learning Edition. My aim is to see people enjoying the computer games and take pride knowing that I have contributed in creating the programming of the game. The knowledge I gained from working at that computer store allowed me to use my creativity to solve problems. My Taiwanese friends assisted me in whatever difficulty I faced regarding programming. My job turned out to be more like a training period to polish my skills and develop my invade in this vast field. My past educational background has nothing to do with computer science. My basic interest that brought me towards this profession was to see its widesp submit and practical use in the real world. Although I have a strong background in mathematics, my interest progressed in programming and computer because of my curiosity and passion to solve logical problems. Mathematics and computing has a strong connection as I came to realize that different concepts of mathematics such as vectors, logarithms and algebra are extensively used in computing. With the fine blend of computing and mathematics, I believe I can discover the unfamiliar for the betterment of the mankind. My sound foundation in math helped me to learn some computer languages such as VB and C++. Considering my interest in programming, one of my friend who is also a computer science programmer at UCI, helped me to learn how to write the APP program. APP is the software for Apples products like Ipad and Iphone. Apart from my educational background and experience I have gained through working I had always been an active student participating in the plain curricular activities. I am a good player of tennis and have won many competitions in my school and club. I love to read and play video games on the computer as my favorite past time. Surfing on the internet to gain information and news about the new-fangled hardware and software releases is my new hobby. I plan to have computing as my major in the university as my deep interest in the paper would guide me towards a bright

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Early Warning System Water Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Early Warning System Water - Essay ExampleCollignon(2007) points out that the protection of drinking wet is achieved not only by chlorination, flocculation and other protective measures but also by the protection of water catchment areas through minimizing the entry of any kind of barren matter. Therefore if these catchment areas are infiltrated, there could be a collective risk posed through contamination of drinking water supplies. Crockett (2007) recently estimated that there is an autochthonic risk posed from drinking water, with the potential for 2 to 20 ML/d of waste water dis consecrate containing pathogens to reach water supply intakes at significant concentrations that may exceed regulatory limits. Hence, normal procedures that are used for treatment of waste water may also be inadequate in some instances to provide an adequate level of protection against contamination of the water to an unacceptable level that could be dangerous to humans to health and to lives.This hig hlights the importance of install early warning systems for infiltration by biological agents, so that water supplies and distribution systems may be protected. The danger of the terrorist threat is especially potent, because vast areas of vulnerable water system could form an easy target for the terrorists and it would result in large scale damages caused to numerous people who drink the water. It is a especially dangerous form of terrorist biological warfare, which cannot be easily combated, except through adopting preventive measures. Hence, the incorporation of early warning systems into water systems could be of inestimable benefit, because they go forth provide a warning that contamination exists, sufficiently in time to enable the local authorities or responsible people in charge to alert citizens, so that the water suspected of being contaminated can be diverted and closed off, before it

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Wal-Marts Marketplace Clout Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wal-Marts Marketplace Clout - Essay ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that Wal-Marts marketplace clout is tremendous. It controls about 30 percentage of the households staples market. It sells 15 percent of all magazines and 15-20 percent of all CDs, DVDs, and videos. It is expected to soon control over 35 percent of U.S food sales. Wal-Mart has rise to dominate the retail market through the bargain prices it offers to consumers. Due to its cost efficiencies, it has attained and the pressure it places on suppliers make it affordable to give customers products at crushed prices. As much as Wal-Mart offers low prices, not everyone loves it. It also has charges that criticize the retail behemoth. maven, Wal-Marts buying power and cost-saving efficiencies force local rivals out of business, in turn disrupting local communities, costing jobs and injuring established business districts. Second, Wal-Mart pays low wages and is staunchly anti-union. Its labor cost is 20 perc ent lower than that of unionized supermarkets. Moreover, its uncompromising on costs has forced many factories to move overseas, resulting in sacrificing American jobs and thus, holds wages down. Government welfare program subsidizes Wal-Marts poverty level wages. One congressional report shows that a two hundred employee store costs the government a fortune that is housing assistance, children healthcare, and tax credits are paid by the government. Lastly, as Wal-Mart grows and its competitors fall by the wayside, consumers choice narrows and the retail exert even greater power as a cultural censor. For sheath Wal-Mart wont carry computer games and music with the mature rating. Therefore, the big music companies supply it with sanitized versions of explicit CDs that they supply to the radio stations, and that are exchange elsewhere. The retailer has also removed racy magazines, such as FHM and Maxim, from its racks and it obscures the cover of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Redbook .

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Security and Privacy in the Network Context Essay

Security and Privacy in the Network Context - Essay ExampleThis realistic Private Database feature controls access to individual row in the database. It works by dividing the database for use by diverse type of users and keep it secure from outlawed access.The other technique is to recognize potential vulnerabilities and suggest remedial actions to secure a database system. ISS Database Scanner Software, a product available with Oracle, Microsoft SQL waiter and Sysbase databases automatically audit the system for insubstantial passwords and viruses.A more intricate database security system device is presented by Guardent through its Security Management Appliance. It works behind a firewall and remotely detects vulnerabilities. It covers operating systems, applications and network infrastructures, and remote online databases.Experiences and experts analysis dictates that more a responsive social and organizational actions should be taken. Accounting for the losses in businesses a nd the effects in economy, protecting databases from hackers is now a serious business.Our society and organization should be vigilant in protecting our vital and key information against criminal elements utilise the technology to spy, steal and destroy our investments. We must first ensure that our network security is reliable and constantly updated. Let us remember that nowadays, spending a little more in security software even for personal use is fundamental. Invest on reliable and tested database application buy totally those programs with robust security design. For companies, ensure those personnel in the system administration are strictly following security guidelines. Apply more restrictions to database access oddly on internet-based databases that are more vulnerable to attacks. Configure your server to allow only those trusted IP addresses and employ Table Access Control security on your databases.Long-Term Network and Data Security, and Privacy RightsThere are many way s to secure access of vital informations in a Network, Database and person Private files. At present, Operating Systems and Database Systems come with security features that can considerably prevent unauthorized access.Long-term methods are available from various reputable estimator security companies such as Servers employing Trusted IP Address methods. This is done by configuring the server access to a list of trusted users only. Next is Server Account Disabling that suspends the server ID after three unsuccessful attempts. This is done to prevent attackers from generating random passwords to get the right combination. Monitor the system get a product that would send alert when someone wants to break-in into the system.Secure the system with authentication methods such Kerberos Security, a ticket based authentication systems from Oracle (Weidman, n,d.). trim down access to selected rows of databases by employing VPD (Virtual Private Database) Technology (Wiedman,